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raihan raihan
Jan 02, 2022
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These days, each one us wants to get rid of unwanted messages, but on the other hand, don't want to miss important messages which includes PNR number, bank balance, sms service order information and so on. One gets selected messages instead of unnecessary messages which include only promotional messages. The best part of these messages is that they are not promotional messages. These are messages sent to the costumer to pass on information necessary regarding their services. The main advantage of these services is that they deliver information to all those users even who have activated do not disturb services. Difference between promotional and transactional SMS services- -The basic difference between them is that the former is used for promoting the goods and services and once the user has activated "do not disturb "service messages are not delivered to such users. Whereas the latter are used for delivering important sms service information to the users like messages sent by banks to inform the costumer regarding their bank balance or messages sent by online companies informing regarding the product dispatch details. And these messages are delivered even to those customers who have activated do not disturb services. This is the most important benefit of these transactions SMS services. Why transactional SMS services are better? -Delivering urgent messages to the people becomes much easier through these transactional SMS services as they have 100% instant delivery. -Transactional messages can be sent anytime and anywhere without any time or location constraint. -Push sms service delivery report option available. Requirement for getting transactional messages services- -High delivery ratio. -Real time delivery message report. -Fast SMS delivery. Various uses of transactional message services- -Educational messages- Inform parents and students regarding attendance, fees and other relevant information.

raihan raihan

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