Make All Access Permits Free on Federal Land

For many natural wonders in the United States, permits are required to visit. In most national parks, backcountry camping is allowed only by permit. Yellowstone National Park, for example, charges a non-refundable $25 for each permit reservation made online. While we understand the use of a permit system to keep crowds at bay, particularly in smaller areas, charging a non-refundable fee is outrageous. Backcountry camping fees make no sense as there are no facilities the permittee is intending to use. With the fairly minimal amount of permits issued annually, the National Park service gains an immeasurably small financial benefit from paid permits. Special use permits, however, are different. These permits by nature 


intend to use the resources of the federal land that they establish the right to. A value-based transaction is necessary if the permittee is intending to manipulate the land. We believe that all access permits on federal land should be free of charge. This includes camping, climbing, day-use, parking, hiking, and driving.