Make all 62 National Parks Free

16 of our 63 National Parks are free here in the United States. While each of these parks has its own unique reason why no visitation fees are imposed, they all prove a simple fact: the National Park Service can thrive without the need to charge entrance fees. Each year, the National Parks are estimated to generate upwards of $40 Billion for the U.S. economy. The majority of this economic contribution comes from lodging, restaurants, transportation, and gas in the form of benefits to local communities. Entrance fees make up only 0.5% of the total economy of National Parks- a drop in the bucket on a large scale. The most visited National Park in the country, due to a public road network of interconnected towns, charges no fees at all. Despite this, Great


Smoky Mountains National Park is able to function and profit off of the economic stimulation it provides for local towns and businesses. We believe that the rest of the National Park System should follow this same model, followed by most developed nations worldwide. We believe that it is both unconstitutional and immoral to charge citizens with an additional fee, on top of federal taxes, for the right to explore the public natural spaces that make our country so great.